Tunisia Writers and their Free eBooks

Most Notorious Tunisia Authors and Free E-Publications

There are a healthy total of Tunisia authors livelihood and working in Tunisia, Northern Africa. The nation of Tunisia  with a populace of 11,565,201 has one of the world’s most literary populations.  There are numberous colleges with great schools and the Tunisia authors thrive. Not to mention the Tunisia writers who make a great deal of money selling their television and silverscreenadaptations scripts.

The most wellknown Tunisia authors and ebooks downloads are…

  1. Reconquista Cowboy – A dopper and irrecoverable modern cowhand feels indebted to battle the Mexicans when they infest Texas.
  2. Quanah Parker’s Hereford Bull – Quanah Parker must earn his Hereford bull back when it’s misappropriated by rotten Texas Rangers.
  3. The Chinese Pope – The Vatican names a Cardinal the Pope, when he is jailed by the Communist Chinese.  (Tunisia  Authors Prize, 2019)
  4. Tobit – A godly Jew in Amsterdam discovers a daughter-in-law and encounters hideous on a total of altitude.
  5. The 10th Cavalry – A Black cavalry part must battle Comanche, Confederates, famine and dehydration in West Texas.
  6. the little black dress – Bygonetimes of Russia as told be the heiress of a robe handed down through the century.
  7. McMurtry’s Typewriter – Criminal plot to pinch Larry McMurtry‘s typewriters and Lonesome Dove keepsakes from the menagerie.
  8. Johnny Marijuanaseed – A soft-hearted hearted moderate stuff spreading hemp seeds.
  9. Inside-Outside USSR – A surfer is evacuated from the USSR the same day Solzhenitsyn makes his voyage.
  10. Anarene – Minuscule metropolis dope article.
  11. Gravestones – A high institution science project leads to the horrible revelation of racesnobbery in central Texas.
  12. Curators – Muslim librarians must move and hide millions of textbooks before they are burned by extremist.
  13. Lev – An autists Moscow schoolboy must find his woman in Leningrad when he KGB biologicalfather is caught adult in one of Stalin’s coup.
  14. The Fisherman’s Wife – A Filipino must deal with the authenticity that his companion is becoming renowned. (Tunisia Authors Prize, 2017)
  15. Santa and the Pole Dancer – December25th is almost lost because of industry conflict at the North Pole.
  16. Metro2 – When a Nazi armedforces hastily presentsitself in fashionable Moscow, the President of Russia must searchfor cover in the Subway.
  17. Moscow Rocks – An all-female-band combats the admininstration in Russia.  (Tunisia  Authors Prize, 2015)
  18. Peter the Great Vampire Killer – Peter the Great combats vampires hidden as communists and Swedes.
  19. Pray for Rain – When a West Texas rancher prays for heavyrain, he receives a stopby from a Hollywood celebrity.
  20. Rumors – When an Afghani gentleman is offender of plateful the infidels, he must battle for his ofyourperson.
  21. Yamashita’s Wedding – A bunco and a infamous hypocrite dvd four dvd and Yamashita’s weddingparty during the Competition of Manila.
  22. The Baseball Muse – A Japanese mum leaves a job as a geisha and rehabilitates worried MajorLeague baseball players.
  23. Streets of Manila – When a Mexican lobby sends an IvyLeague workforce of murderer to Manila, the President of the Philippines combats back!
  24. Salton Sea Pet Motel – A puppy mill is managing out of a pet motel in Southern California.
  25. Lenin’s Body – Two drunks pinch the body of Lenin the darkness before it’s supposed to be laidtorest.
  26. Permanent Girlfriend – The first Covid-19 Quarantine romantic narrative.
  27. Roosevelt Hotel – In the future, identicaldwellings of celebs are used like annals textbooks, inhabitants can some to the theresort and check them out like a essay.
  28. The Truth about the Chupacabra – Texas professors learn the Chupacabra aren’t mangy coyotes but orincredibly humble ETs.
  29. The Tarantino Heist – A Tarantino look-alike makes a dvd in Russia.  (Tunisia  Authors Prize, 2016)
  30. A Year in Russia Without Women – The men in Russia panic when ALL 72 million Russian women fadeaway.
  31. Verity’s Surfing Movie  – An Ivy Union educator turbulence Alzheimer’s moves to Southern to try to name her surfer schoolboy.
  32. Slab City – Homesless and unlucky people live rent-free in the California wilderness.
  33. Sea and Sky – A Filipino group of juvenile surfers assume an grown-up mum with Alzheimer’s.
  34. Oscar Night – An star about to refrainfrom trying gets one last opportunity, Oscar darkness.
  35. Second Grade – Muslim terrorists hurricane a tiny K-12 Oklahoma institution, but the second grade avoids.
  36. Unsolicited Material – Two writers go to extraordinary lengths to have a organization read their screenplay.
  37. Tupac Lives – Topac Shakur is noticed livelihood on the roads of Las Vegas.
  38. The West Philippine Sea – A transgender mum is treated harshly but when her fishing ship is sunk she must chose to save the workers of let them drown..
  39. 500 MEALS – A resturanateur delivers adult grilling efficiently to heat his biologicalfather’s last few foodstuff.
  40. The New Corporate Culture – Socialism runs wild in New York Metropolis.
  41. Comanche – Docudrama centering on the Comanche natural group of West Texas.
  42. Dersu – A Siberian hunter is mistaken for a reform politician in Russia.
  43. Donetsk – A Russian Admiral is assassinated in EXACTLY the same way at John F. Kennedy was in Dallas.
  44. Escape of the Planter – Robert Smalls, an escaped servant, bargains a confederate boat and gives it to the North.
  45. Gelert and the Last Dog Show – A automaton JudgmentDay leaves only a few the juvenile inhabitants to care for 700 canineanimals.
  46. Ghost Mayor – A blurry runs for gran of Chicago.
  47. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – All misery breaks loose in the Iraq war.
  48. The Puppy Mill – A dog motionpicture devotee is preyed upon by a rotten sheriff’s deputy.
  49. The Weekender – A admininstration adviser is framed and must serve weekend in the county imprisonment… where he learns a few things.
  50. The Pirate Hunters – Navy SEALS don’t go on wasteland but chase Somali buccaneers.
  51. B-25 – POWs, in World War, must puttogether a B-25 and escape Japan before August 6, 1945.
  52. Barko Ng Republika Ng Pilipinas –  A new Filipina bout hero (helicopter pilot) saves her isle nation first from Chinese and then Irainian invasions.  (Tunisia  Authors Prize, 2020)


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