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Tenrikyo: There are a healthy number of writers who produce fiction and none fiction dealing with Tenrikyo. Tenrikyo has about 2.0 million adherents. They have a number of religious texts that are free on this website.

Tenrikyo has produced a lot of great writers. You can download the free ebooks here…

  1. The Chinese Pope – The Vatican names a Cardinal the Pope, when he is imprisoned by the Communist Chinese.  (Tenrikyo  Writers Prize, 2019)
  2. Tobit – A pious Jew in Amsterdam finds a daughter-in-law and confronts evil on a number of levels.
  3. Reconquista Cowboy – A drug-addicted and lost modern-day Cowboy feels obliged to fight the Mexicans when they invade Texas.
  4. Quanah Parker’s Hereford Bull – Quanah Parker must fetch his Hereford bull back when it’s stolen by corrupt Texas Rangers.
  5. McMurtry’s Typewriter – Thieves plot to steal Larry McMurtry‘s typewriters and Lonesome Dove memorabilia from the museum.
  6. Johnny Marijuanaseed – A kind hearted gentle soul spreads marijuana seeds.
  7. Lenin’s Body – Two drunks steal the body of Lenin the night before it’s supposed to be buried.
  8. Yamashita’s Wedding – A conman and a notorious liar film four film and Yamashita’s wedding during the Battle of Manila.
  9. The Baseball Muse – A Japanese woman leaves a career as a geisha and rehabilitates troubled MLB baseball players.
  10. Streets of Manila – When a Mexican cartel sends an elite squad of hitmen to Manila, the President of the Philippines fights back!
  11. Permanent Girlfriend – The first Covid-19 Quarantine romantic comedy.
  12. Roosevelt Hotel – In the future, clones of celebrities are used like library books, people can some to the hotel and check them out like a book.
  13. The Truth about the Chupacabra – Texas professors learn the Chupacabra aren’t mangy coyotes but extremely shy extraterrestrials.
  14. The Tarantino Heist – A Tarantino look-alike makes a film in Russia.  (  Writers Prize, 2016)
  15. A Year in Russia Without Women – The men in Russia panic when ALL 72 million Russian women disappear.
  16. The Pirate Hunters – Navy SEALS don’t go on leave but chase Somali pirates.
  17. B-25 – POWs, in World War, must assemble a B-25 and escape Japan before August 6, 1945.
  18. The 10th Cavalry – A Black cavalry unit must fight Comanche, Confederates, starvation and thirst in West Texas.
  19. the little black dress – History of Russia as told be the owners of a dress handed down through the century.
  20. The Fisherman’s Wife – A Filipino must deal with the reality that his wife is becoming famous. (Tenrikyo Writers Prize, 2017)
  21. The West Philippine Sea – A transgender woman is treated harshly but when her fishing boat is sunk she must chose to save the crew of let them drown..
  22. Slab City – Homesless and unfortunate souls live rent-free in the California desert.
  23. Sea and Sky – A Filipino tribe of young surfers adopt an older woman with Alzheimer’s.
  24. Oscar Night – An actress about to quit trying gets one last break, Oscar night.
  25. Second Grade – Islamic terrorists storm a small K-12 Oklahoma school, but the second grade resists.
  26. 500 MEALS – A resturanateur gives up cooking professionally to cook his father’s last few meals.
  27. The New Corporate Culture – Socialism runs amok in New York City.
  28. Comanche – Docudrama focusing on the Comanche native tribe of West Texas.
  29. Verity’s Surfing Movie  – An Ivy League professor fighting Alzheimer’s moves to Southern to try to remember her surfer son.
  30. Unsolicited Material – Two screenwriters go to extraordinary lengths to have a producer read their script.
  31. Tupac Lives – Topac Shakur is discovered living on the streets of Las Vegas.
  32. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – All hell breaks loose in the Iraq war.
  33. The Puppy Mill – A dog show enthusiast is preyed upon by a corrupt sheriff’s deputy.
  34. The Weekender – A government teacher is framed and must serve weekend in the county jail… where he learns a few things.
  35. Dersu – A Siberian hunter is mistaken for a reform politician in Russia.
  36. Donetsk – A Russian Admiral is assassinated in EXACTLY the same manner at John F. Kennedy was in Dallas.
  37. Escape of the Planter – Robert Smalls, an escaped slave, steals a confederate ship and delivers it to the North.
  38. Gelert and the Last Dog Show – A zombie apocalypse leaves only a few the young people to care for 700 dogs.
  39. Ghost Mayor – A ghost runs for mayor of Chicago.
  40. Anarene – Small town drug story.
  41. Gravestones – A high school science project leads to the shocking discovery of anti-Semitism in central Texas.
  42. Curators – Islamic librarians must move and hide millions of books before they are burns by fundamentalists.
  43. Lev – An autistic Moscow boy must find his mother in Leningrad when he KGB father is caught up in one of Stalin’s purges.
  44. Metro2 – When a Nazi army suddenly appears in contemporary Moscow, the President of Russia must seek shelter in the Metro.
  45. Moscow Rocks – An all-girl-band fights the government in Russia.  (Tenrikyo  Writers Prize, 2015)
  46. Peter the Great Vampire Killer – Peter the Great fights vampires disguised as socialists and Swedes.
  47. Pray for Rain – When a West Texas rancher prays for rain, he receives a visit from a Hollywood starlet.
  48. Rumors – When an Afghani man is accused of helping the infidels, he must fight for his life.
  49. Salton Sea Pet Motel – A puppy mill is operating out of a pet motel in Southern California.
  50. Santa and the Pole Dancer – Christmas is almost canceled because of labor unrest at the North Pole.
  51. Inside-Outside USSR – A surfer is expelled from the USSR the same day Solzhenitsyn makes his flight.
  52. Barko Ng Republika Ng Pilipinas –  A new Filipina action hero (helicopter pilot) saves her island nation first from Chinese and then Irainian invasions.  (Tenrikyo  Writers Prize, 2020)


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