Russian Writers eBook Downloads

The most popular Russian Writers ebook downloads are…

  1. Lenin’s Body – Two drunks steal the body of Lenin the night before it’s supposed to be buried.
  2. The Tarantino Heist – A Tarantino look-alike makes a film in Russia.
  3. A Year in Russia Without Women – The men in Russia panic when ALL 72 million Russian women disappear.
  4. the little black dress – History of Russia as told be the owners of a dress handed down through the century.
  5. Dersu – A Siberian hunter is mistaken for a reform politician in Russia. (Russian Writers Award, 2014)
  6. Donetsk – A Russian Admiral is assassinated in EXACTLY the same manner at John F. Kennedy was in Dallas.
  7. Curators – Islamic librarians must move and hide millions of books before they are burns by fundamentalists.
  8. Lev – An autistic Moscow boy must find his mother in Leningrad when he KGB father is caught up in one of Stalin’s purges.
  9. Metro2 – When a Nazi army suddenly appears in contemporary Moscow, the President of Russia must seek shelter in the Metro.
  10. Moscow Rocks – An all-girl-band fights the government in Russia.
  11. Peter the Great Vampire KillerPeter the Great fights vampires disguised as socialists and Swedes.
  12. Inside-Outside USSR – A surfer is expelled from the USSR the same day Solzhenitsyn makes his flight.

What makes Russian writers so good is the human side of the story. The characters in their stories are so alive and vivid that anyone can easily relate to them, to their life circumstances, their worries, their suffering and struggles, and most of all to their feelings and thoughts.

Russian Writers
(Russian Writers Award, 2014)