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Most Fashionable Abkhazian Writers and Free E-Usedbooks

There are a wholesome sum of Abkhazian writers livingwage in Abkhazia[note 1]. The Abkhazians make up about 0.2 million[1] individuals. They’ve a sum of subgroups: . The Abkhazian main faith is: Christianity – Japanese Orthodoxy.

The most well-liked Abkhazian ebooks downloads are…

  1. Reconquista Cowboy – A drug-addict and misplaced modern-day cowman feels enslaved to action the Mexicans after they infect Texas.
  2. Quanah Parker’s Hereford Bull – Quanah Parker should obtain his Hereford bull again when it’s purloined by unethical Texas Rangers.
  3. McMurtry’s Typewriter – Burglar plot to whip Larry McMurtry‘s typewriters and Lonesome Dove keepsakes from the vault.
  4. Johnny Marijuanaseed – A sort hearted cool heart increase cannabis seeds.
  5. The Chinese Pope – The Vatican names a Cardinal the Pope, when he’s captive by the Communist Chinese language.  (Abkhazian  Writers Prize, 2019)
  6. Tobit – A devoted Jew in Amsterdam discovers a daughter-in-law and opposes hideous on a sum of layer.
  7. Lenin’s Body – Two drunks whip the physique of Lenin the darkness earlier than it’s imagined to be laidtorest.
  8. Yamashita’s Wedding – A bunco and a famous hypocrite movie 4 movie and Yamashita’s weddingceremony in the course of the Battle of Manila.
  9. The Baseball Muse – A Japanese lady leaves a work as a geisha and rehabilitates concerned MajorLeague baseball gamers.
  10. Streets of Manila – When a Mexican alliance sends an highlevel group of butcher to Manila, the President of the Philippines tiffs again!
  11. Permanent Girlfriend – The primary Covid-19 Quarantine romantic comedy.
  12. Roosevelt Hotel – Sooner or later, imitations of luminaries are used like registry e-books, individuals can some to the lodge and examine them out like a volume.
  13. The Truth about the Chupacabra – Texas professors be taught the Chupacabra aren’t mangy coyotes however extraordinarily modest ETs.
  14. The Tarantino Heist – A Tarantino look-alike makes a movie in Russia.  (Abkhazian  Writers Prize, 2016)
  15. A Year in Russia Without Women – The lads in Russia panic when ALL 72 million Russian ladies fadeaway.
  16. Verity’s Surfing Movie  – An Ivy League lecturer combating Alzheimer’s strikes to Southern to attempt to keep in mind her surfer youngster.
  17. Unsolicited Material – Two authors go to extraordinary lengths to have a company learn their script.
  18. Tupac Lives – Topac Shakur is found livingwage on the pavement of Las Vegas.
  19. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – All torment breaks unfastened within the Iraq battle.
  20. The Puppy Mill – A canine present aficionado is preyed upon by a unethical sheriff’s deputy.
  21. The Weekender – A admininstration lecturer is framed and should serve weekend within the county prison… the place he learns a couple of issues.
  22. The Pirate Hunters – Navy SEALS don’t go on vacation however chase Somali buccaneers.
  23. B-25 – POWs, in World Struggle, should create a B-25 and escape Japan earlier than August 6, 1945.
  24. The 10th Cavalry – A Black cavalry part should action Comanche, Confederates, famine and dehydration in West Texas.
  25. the little black dress – Ancienttimes of Russia as informed be the governor of a frock handed down via the century.
  26. The Fisherman’s Wife – A Filipino should take care of the realism that his companion is changing into famed. (Abkhazian Writers Prize, 2017)
  27. The West Philippine Sea – A transgender lady is handled harshly however when her fishing boat is sunk she should selected to avoid wasting the squad of allow them to drown..
  28. Slab City – Homesless and ill-fated people stay rent-free within the California wilderness.
  29. Sea and Sky – A Filipino group of juvenile surfers assume an elder lady with Alzheimer’s.
  30. Oscar Night – An star about to relinquish attempting will get one final opportunity, Oscar darkness.
  31. Second Grade – Muslim terrorists hurricane a tiny Okay-12 Oklahoma highschool, however the second grade avoids.
  32. 500 MEALS – A resturanateur offers up baking capably to heat his daddy’s previous couple of foods.
  33. The New Corporate Culture – Socialism runs wild in New York Metropolis.
  34. Comanche – Docudrama mentallyfocusing on the Comanche indigne group of West Texas.
  35. Dersu – A Siberian hunter is mistaken for a reform politician in Russia.
  36. Donetsk – A Russian Admiral is assassinated in EXACTLY the identical way at John F. Kennedy was in Dallas.
  37. Escape of the Planter – Robert Smalls, an escaped servant, takes a accomplice boat and gives it to the North.
  38. Gelert and the Last Dog Show – A android catastrophe leaves just a few the juvenile individuals to look after 700 canines.
  39. Ghost Mayor – A ghosting runs for gran of Chicago.
  40. Anarene – Microscopic township dope myth.
  41. Gravestones – A excessive highschool science mission results in the horrifying introduction of racesnobbery in central Texas.
  42. Curators – Muslim librarians should transfer and conceal thousands and thousands of e-books earlier than they’re burned by Tory.
  43. Lev – An atavistic Moscow youngman should discover his mothers in Leningrad when he KGB daddy is caught up in certainly one of Stalin’s liquidation.
  44. Metro2 – When a Nazi defenseforce immediately wouldseem in modernday Moscow, the President of Russia should huntfor dogshelter within the Subway.
  45. Moscow Rocks – An all-female-band tiffs the admininstration in Russia.  (Abkhazian  Writers Prize, 2015)
  46. Peter the Great Vampire Killer – Peter the Great tiffs vampires masked as communists and Swedes.
  47. Pray for Rain – When a West Texas rancher prays for lightrain, he receives a payavisitto from a Hollywood hotty.
  48. Rumors – When an Afghani guy is arrested of serving the infidels, he should action for his being.
  49. Salton Sea Pet Motel – A pet mill is incommission out of a pet motel in Southern California.
  50. Santa and the Pole Dancer – Christmastime is nearly givenupforlost due to work strife on the North Pole.
  51. Inside-Outside USSR – A surfer is dislodged from the united states the identical day Solzhenitsyn makes his soaring.
  52. Barko Ng Republika Ng Pilipinas –  A brand new Filipina motion hero (helicopter pilot) saves her cay nation first from Chinese language after which Irainian invasions.  (Abkhazian  Writers Prize, 2020)

The Abkhaz language belongs to the isolate Northwest Caucasian language family, also known as Abkhaz–Adyghe or North Pontic family, which groups the dialectic continuüm spoken by the Abaza–Abkhaz (Abazgi) and Adyghe (“Circassians” in English).[9] Abkhazians are closely ethnically related to Circassians.[10] Classical sources speak of several tribes dwelling in the region, but their exact identity and location remain controversial due to Abkhaz–Georgian historiographical conflict.[citation needed]

There are also three subgroups of the Abkhaz people. The Bzyb (Бзыԥ, Bzyph) reside in the Bzyb River region, and speak their own dialect.[11] The Abzhui (Абжьыуа, Abzhwa) live in the Kodori River region, and also speak their own dialect, which the Abkhaz literary language is based upon.[11] Finally, there are the Samurzakan who reside in the southeast of Abkhazia.[11]

See also: History of Abkhazia
Some scholars deem the ancient Heniochi tribe the progenitors of the Abkhaz.[12] This warlike people came into contact with Ancient Greeks through the colonies of Dioskourias and Pitiuntas.[12] In the Roman period, the Abasgoi are mentioned as inhabiting the region.[12] These Abasgoi (Abkhaz) were described by Procopius as warlike, worshippers of three deities, under the suzerainty of the Kingdom of Lazica.[12] The Abkhazian view is that the Apsilae and Abasgoi are ancestors of the Abkhaz–Adyghe group of peoples, while the Georgian view is that those were Colchians (Kartvelians or Georgians).

Lazica was a vassal kingdom of the Byzantine Empire throughout most of its existence. Later the independent Kingdom of Abkhazia was established and the region became a part of the Georgian cultural world. The local nobility, clergy and educated class used Georgian as a language of literacy and culture. Georgian would remain the second language for many Abkhaz until Russian replaced it in the early 20th century. From the early 11th to the 15th century, Abkhazia was a part of the all-Georgian monarchy, but then became a separate Principality of Abkhazia only to be conquered by the Ottomans.[citation needed]

Towards the end of the 17th century, the region became a theatre of widespread slave trade and piracy. According to a controversial theory developed by Pavle Ingorokva in the 1950s, at that time a number of the Northwest Caucasian pagan Abaza tribes migrated from the north and blended with the local ethnic elements, significantly changing the region’s demographic situation. These views were described as ethnocentric and having little historical support.[14][15] They served as intellectual support to the Stalin-era assimilation policy[16] and had a profound influence on the Georgian nationalism in the 1980s.[17]

The Russian conquest of Abkhazia from the 1810s to the 1860s was accompanied by a massive expulsion of Muslim Abkhaz to the Ottoman Empire and the introduction of a strong Russification policy. As a result, the Abkhaz diaspora is currently estimated to measure at least twice the number of Abkhaz that reside in Abkhazia. The largest part of the diaspora now lives in Turkey, with estimates ranging from 100,000 to 500,000, with smaller groups in Syria (5,000 – 10,000) and Jordan. In recent years, some of these have emigrated to the West, principally to Germany (5,000), the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Austria and the United States (mainly to New Jersey).[18]

After the Russian Revolution of 1917, Abkhazia was a part of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, but was conquered by the Red Army in 1921 and eventually entered the Soviet Union as a Soviet Socialist Republic associated with the Georgian SSR. The status of Abkhazia was downgraded in 1931 when it became an Autonomous SSR within the Georgian SSR. Under Joseph Stalin, a forcible collectivization was introduced and the native communist elite purged. The influx of Armenians, Russians and Georgians into the growing agricultural and tourism sectors was also encouraged, and Abkhaz schools were briefly closed. By 1989, the number of Abkhaz was about 93,000 (18% of the population of the autonomous republic), while the Georgian population numbered 240,000 (45%). The number of Armenians (15% of the entire population) and Russians (14%) grew substantially as well.[citation needed]

The 1992–1993 War in Abkhazia followed by the ethnic cleansing of Georgians in Abkhazia[19][circular reference]left the Abkhaz an ethnic plurality of ca. 45%, with Russians, Armenians, Georgians, Greeks, and Jews comprising most of the remainder of the population of Abkhazia. The 2003 census established the total number of Abkhaz in Abkhazia at 94,606.[1] However, the exact demographic figures for the region are disputed and alternative figures are available.[20] The de facto Abkhaz president Sergey Bagapsh suggested, in 2005, that less than 70,000 ethnic Abkhaz lived in Abkhazia.[21]

At the time of the 2011 Census, 122,175 Abkhaz were living in Abkhazia. They were 50.8% of the total population of the republic.[22]

In the course of the Syrian uprising, a number of Abkhaz living in Syria immigrated to Abkhazia.[7] By mid-April 2013, approximately 200 Syrians of Abkhaz descent had arrived in Abkhazia.[23][24] A further 150 were due to arrive by the end of April.[23] The Abkhazian leadership has stated that it would continue the repatriation of Abkhaz living abroad.[24] As of August 2013, 531 Abkhaz had arrived from Syria according to the Abkhazian government.[25]

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